What's In The Box?

Find out what is in this time capsule I found that is dated back to 2021!

Items Found In The Time Capsule!

This is everything that was found in the box, I made a collage of it all so you can see it all. I'll go into detail about each of the elements indiviudally so that we can tackle what I found in this time capsule.
I traced this item back and found it to be an iPhone 12, However with it came a case that was made out of a plastic like material. I haven't seen one of these in years as we wipped out plastic because of it's negative impact on the environment. The phone has a flat battery and the chargers that were used for the phone don't exist anymore as they were filling up our landfills. Would be interesting to see how similar this iPhone is to the specs of my iPhone 62, the latest and greatest product by Apple.
I believe these items were called AirPods, another product developed by Apple. These have an odd shape as they look like a toothbrush head when placed in people's ears (Thank god 50 years later they updated the design). This is the first generation of these AirPods, the second generation was a vast improvemnt from the looks point of view as they don't appear as toothbrush heads in people's ears. From the research I gathered on these, it also seems as if the second generation featured noise cancellation and a much better design. Silly to think that back 50 years ago and beyond that some things didn't have a noise cancellation feature like all headphones do now.
I have never seen this in my life. From what I've researched this was some sort of an MP3 player also made by Apple, its bulky though. Not sure how people carried this around in their pockets, this is so much heavier than the phones we have today. After finding a charger online and puchasing it, I charged the device and it turned on, to my surprise this device doesn't have a touch screen, or any cellular abilities, so you can't call or text people. This is purely just a music player, without the use of Spotify or one of the streaming platforms. From what I have gathered, you had to PURCHASE your own music on the apple music store and then transfer the music onto the device when it was plugged into a computer... odd.
This item must really be a throwback, it's a pair of shoes... with SHOELACES! This is extrodonary, the poeple 50 years ago were having to tie their shoes up manually, that's isnane! As we all know, our shoes don't have laces, they're all self-lacing with the right amount of pressure around our feet, no issues about knots or actually having to do the laces yourself and if it's too tight, doing it again and again untul it's just right. Me personally, I couldn't imagine what it's like to live in a world where I actually have to tie my own shoes up, learning a technique and then doing that for the rest of my life. I might have to look up a technique on how to tie them and learn just for the sake of knowing what it was like.
Ah yes, this one I know, it's a face mask, and seeing this capsule is from 2021, this was used during the COVID19 pandemic. It's strange that this item isn't technology but it seems that everything else is, but I suppose the person that left this behind must find this important. This is the only item I truely understood without having the research anyhing because of how much we learnt about this in school, and seeing how bad it affected Melbourne, and the whole world and how it changed and shaped the way in which we live today. The mask is all dirty with stains of dirt all over it, and I doubt it'll still be wearable even if I wash it, but this is a good reminder of have change sometimes isn't always the best.
These are what I believed to be charging cables for the phones. I got this informaton not from doing research on the internet, but just from recognising the hole at the bottom of the phone and trying to place the plug into the socket I suppose... and it worked. After then doing some research on the phone charging cables, I found out these are called Lightning Chargers and were imporved from the older chargers for phones which were a long rectangle that took up a large majority of the bottom section of the phone. However, in our days now of technology with our phones, we got rid of cables completely, we have wirelss charging pads everywhere. I can imagine the struggle of people in the dark tying to find the little hole to put their charger in, and thank god we don't have that in this day and age, now we just place our phone on the table and its charging... as easy as that.
This right here is a Xbox Series X, released in 2020 alongside its biggest competitor Sony's gaming console the PlayStation 5. The Xbox Series X also came with an Xbox Series S variant which was more smaller, compact, and just a little less powerful with the specs inside the console. This console was the strongest one on the market based off of the research I had done with the time it was released, significntly better to the cosole released before it, the Xbox One (released in 2013). Compared to the consoles we have today, this Xbox is larger in height, and width, and with a smaller size and weight, it's 4 times stronger than that Xbox. I also found that when these were pre-ordered by the customers, there was a mass shortage of the consoles and left many customers without their 'Next Generation' console, and at a price of $750 for the Series X and $550 for the Series S, they were asking for a lot. Now these consoles only cost $450 for the top end version like the Series X.
This is a Television, or TV for short. We all know what this is as we own them. However, we can see the significant size difference between this TV and the ones we own now. This TV is smaller and more bulky, the image of the side of the TV is there to show just how bulky these things were, all of the hardware components went in there and made the TV run. Now, these same components are stronger, and are smaller and more thin to allow the TV to really live up to its name of the 'Flat Screen'. Our TV's are paper thin and allow us to have it hanging off of the wall and be pressed right up against it, as you can clearly see, this can't be pressed up onto the wall and act as a screen in the wall because of the bulky nature of the back.